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We Accept These E-currencies Below Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advcash and Litecoin.

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Instant Paid

We Offer Best Investment Opportunity For All Members Feel Free To Join Us And Make Profits With Us!

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About Us

What is so Special about

Reliability and assured profits are the main criteria when it comes to investing your finances. We at take pride in giving our clients the best possible service. Our team of experts ensures that your investments, large or small are handled wisely and generate maximum returns.

Online Investment Affords more Flexibility choose these bitcoin market for trading for now,Poloniex,Bitfinex,Virtex,Bittrex,bitstamp. If you find more great bitcoin market please contact us and we will added. All deposits will exchange bitcoin in the market and exchange back to pay profits for all investors. And bitcoin deposit will be more welcome here.

Exclusive Nature of Reunion Investment investment stands apart from the rest by its highly refined nature of functioning. The excellent team at takes care of your investment judiciously. You are certain to get assured returns with minimal risks and maximum safety features. At, your financial independence is just a click away.

Meet the Team

ricardo Tim Stone, founder of Hour365 Inc. Graduated from Oxford University Business School. In 2016 Inc. was opened to public, and we are trading in Bitcoin Market. The trade software is developed by our CEO and it can trade 24 hours a day! From this software we can make enough profits for all of our investors and there is no any risk but one. If the trade market is gone it means we will lose some money in this market. So all investors can open their eye to see it is safety or not. Once we collect enough investment we will consider open a bitcoin platform for public too and it is different with the existing platforms!

Meet the Team

ricardo Lisa Strong is our fund manager in Inc. He caculateed all data and set them in our trade software to make sure the number is working right! If we can't make right data in the software, it still meet more high risks in automatic trade! So the big data and caculations in the auto trade are very important things. We will change data every day in software and make the largest profits as we can!

Meet the Team

ricardo Any investors can contact our online support Jenny Simon, she is our support department manager for now. And our support team will work 7*24 hours a day! All questions and mails will be replied within 1-12 hours.

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